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ФотогалереяТорговые ряды Ансамбль Мелочных рядов

Кострома. Торговые ряды .Ансамбль Мелочных рядов

Ансамбль Мелочных рядов

Ряды представляют собой своеобразное сооружение в виде лавок, над которыми колонны тосканского ордера поддерживают вынесенный вперед односкатный навес от дождя. Перспектива этих невысоких колонн высотой в один этаж замыкается колокольней церкви Спаса в рядах. Вместе с тем колонны Мелочных рядов служат как бы пропилеями от портика здания губернских Присутственных мест через двор Красных рядов к Волге.


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Awake small town in the spring breeze of reform and opening up, Yi Xiaomei unit leaders sights on wind direction, engage in reform drastic expansion of the marketing business. Yi Xiaomei Supply and Marketing Division was transferred soon promoted to coach factory deputy assistant to the Chief. Her know off point Officer is not clear what cheap coach purses level, just promoted to inquire about these bad is official just fine, temporarily, no matter what level.

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Distressed son, the two soon remarried. Remarried soon after noisy, their voices and divorced Hehe Lili from the clutch a few years, coach outlet online they went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to do a six-divorce marriage divination procedures. Bureau of Civil Affairs units near the people coach outlet online who saw the couple often and out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, and thought they were both transferred to the organs and units, envy.

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A straight paused and then said: "Send a what you do? This sentence: 'like you do, and civil affairs cadres are dead as a doornail.'" Yixiao Mei and Tan dwarf two of four eyes at a loss others. Tan dwarf asked: "What do you mean?"

A straight explains: "The life of the vast majority of couples only get married once the work of civil affairs cadres have been around lisancengwaisanceng few years, you and your spouse, divorce marriage divination six, plus the first time to get married, you have gone to the Civil Affairs Bureau to do seven married divorcing If you like you do, not civil affairs cadres tired lying dead as a doornail! "

A straight then added: "I gave you a couplet of the Tang Dynasty:

The Cuo Cuocuo who is not wrong

And and and Which did not want to

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